Why we recommend Garaga

In operation and family owned since 1983, Garaga has become a leading manufacturer in Canada of garage doors as well as overhead doors. Designed to provide the best in performance, security, and reliability, these products have style too, making them the perfect package. Garaga can offer products for residential markets as well as commercial, industrial, and even agricultural.

There are many reasons why we recommend Garaga to all of our customers at Overhead Door (NFLD) Ltd.

Highest standard of service

At Garaga, they are always out to provide a quality customer experience and here at Overhead Door (NFLD) Ltd., we believe everything should be about customer service. We want to exceed your expectations every single time you come to us. Garaga offers years of experience that make them hard to compete with in this business.

Best quality in products

Because Garaga is located in Quebec, they certainly know keeping a garage warm is a must, especially with the harsh winters we get here. They keep that in mind and ensure every product they sell is high quality, reliable, and durably designed to last for years and offer a warm, comfortable garage all the while. The garage doors include a thermal break that will ensure no cold gets into the garage no matter how much the temperature drops. Not only will this keep you and your family warm, but it will lower your energy bills too. The doors are designed to be weathertight and windproof too, so they offer protection from the elements all throughout the year.

Garage doors are very important when it comes to curb appeal and truly take up about 40% of the home’s surface, so they must look good. Garaga has worked to provide a variety of door models to meet everyone’s taste ad preference. They combine practicality with beauty to be the perfect addition to any home. The multiple garage door models available make it easy for you to pick out the right one for you, and you can trust it will offer superior quality and aesthetics too. Garaga even offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of their garage door models.

The experts in garage doors

If you choose a garage door from Garaga, then you can expect complete professionalism. All of their employees meet strict criteria regarding reputation, experience, and knowledge of all things garage door. For commercial, residential, and industrial applications, you can expect your door to be securely and professionally made. Garaga knows they offer the best in products, so they make sure they offer the best in customer service as well, and they will guide you through the whole purchasing process. You don’t buy garage doors very often, so you will want to choose one of the best professionals in the industry. At Overhead Door (NFLD) Ltd., we believe the answer is Garaga.

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